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Chip Your Tooth? Try Bonding!

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A straight, bright white smile is something many people long for when they lack confidence in their own. Smiles say a lot about a person before they even speak, and it’s only natural to want to make a good impression every time you feel happy or meet someone new! There are many reasons a person’s smile may not be up to their standards, but luckily there are also many ways in which cosmetic dentistry can help improve your grin. Bonding is one of the ways in which your dentist can help liven up the look of your smile! If you’re curious to know more about this helpful procedure, keep reading to get some basic knowledge on dental bonding.

What exactly is bonding?

Bonding is a process by which your dentist affixes a small covering to the front of an existing tooth to change its shape and appearance. Usually made of a composite resin, the new “tooth” will be created in a shade that matches existing teeth to give the most natural appearance possible. Bonding can help change one single tooth, or improve the look of many teeth! In order to fit the resin onto the existing tooth, your dentist will need to rough up your enamel to create a surface suitable for the new material. Once set in place, your dentist can reshape the tooth to your ideal shape and he or she will use a special light to help fix the new material permanently. One of the many positives of bonding is that it can usually be done in a single visit, and you can go back to normal life as soon as you leave the dentist’s chair!

Do I need bonding?

Your cosmetic dentistry needs depend entirely on what you’re hoping to gain from having any work done. Bonding is usually most helpful in covering up chips in teeth or fixing gaps between existing teeth. If you have one tooth that is particularly small, bonding can help change the appearance of it to make it more closely match the size of your other teeth. Some people also prefer bonding to whitening treatments if their teeth are severely discolored!

What are my other options?

Bonding can be used as a permanent treatment for chipped or gapped teeth, but it can also be used temporarily. Some people simply use bonding as a stand in while they wait for having porcelain veneers made and fitted. Similar to bonding, veneers are fixed to the front of existing teeth to change the appearance of one’s smile. Veneers are much more expensive than bonding, but the material is more stain resistant and generally more durable!

The first step in any medical or cosmetic treatment is talking to your doctor and learning more about your options. If you think bonding could be a good way for you to achieve the smile of your dreams, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation! Our dentists are always happy to help get you the smile you’ve always wanted!

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